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Consultations are a very important first step in the process of starting your aesthetic journey. It is a process that is defined by your needs as well as suitability and establishes the right treatment pathway to achieve the best outcomes for you.

All consultations are free and conducted by video call such as FaceTime or WhatsApp, or telephone and will last approximately 30 mins, allowing plenty of time for you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you might have.

Once a consultation has been completed, we allow a 48 hour cool off period prior to undergoing a treatment so you have time to consider all the information provided regarding the treatment and ensure you are making the right decision for you. 

During the consultation, we will look at several different aspects; 

Personal information

This information includes your name, date of birth and gender identity as well as contact details.

Medical history

It is very important that any past, present or on-going medications or treatments (medical or non-medical) are recorded. Some conditions known as 'contraindications' can prevent a particular treatment or sometimes any treatment from being performed safely. For example, being pregnant  is a contraindication to almost all aesthetic treatments.


This includes diet, activities, home/work environments and routines.

Skin care

What products you use and how often.


This is carried out on the area to be treated initially and prior to any treatment.


This is carried out on the area to be treated initially and prior to any treatment.


Legal and duty of care

It is important that you have understood all the information provided to you and that you agree to undergoing the treatment having been made aware of any risks or side effects that may occur during or after treatment and accept them.


It is an insurance and legal requirement that photographs be taken of the treatment area before and after treatment.

Privacy and Data Protection

All information provided is treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared to any third parties, with the exception of a medical emergency to the relevant parties.

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