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Cosmeceutical facials

30 mins

from £40


Cosmeceutical facials combine the use of enzymes and acids to accelerate the skin's desquamation process, promoting healthy skin regeneration and renewal. They are able to penetrate through the outermost layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, to

These increase water levels within the lower levels of the skin whilst reorganising and stimulating the skin's structural elements and increasing the activity of fibroblast, which in turn induces collagen and elastin production. Additionally, specific combinations of acids effectively target concerns such as acne and pigmentation.

Cosmeceutical facials are suitable for all skin types and can help to improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation and effectively control acne.

A course of 6 treatment is recommended to effectively target specific concerns, however monthly treatments can be used effectively as part of a good skincare regime. Those with compromised skin or new to using acids will require more than one treatment to build tolerance to gain optimum results.

The application of enzymes or acids in a controlled manner is proven to be safe and effective, with minimal side effects experienced. During the procedure it is common for skin to feel tingly, warm and itchy, this is only an indication of effectiveness and subside with removal. Post-treatment the skin will appear more luminous and healthy, and during the recovery period, address underlying skin issues.

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